Here’s some stuff I wrote and just couldn’t keep to myself.

Find your freelance voice!

Every day, I am working and writing the brand voices of my clients. That’s what we freelancers do: We shape and shift ourselves to fit a project or a business, try to take in their characteristics and work our own creativity or skills into that. But what about your...

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I love my job, but I hate working (And you should, too).

Ready for another millennial rant about how our elders established work system that must be fixed (Because burnouts! Climate! Oohs and aahs!) I’m just gonna assume you just said YES. Stop feeling guilty about not waking up with a grin and being stuck in traffic to...

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Yes We Can: Write great copy!

Last year I stumbled into the business of speaking agencies. Working as a content writer for two of them now, I spend quite a lot of time watching speeches and keynotes on Youtube. All for research, of course. I often fall into TED talk loopholes. Good thing I’m...

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Stop misinterpreting the ‘free’ in ‘freelance’

Photo by Gratisography from Pexels Dear client, this part of my job title does not refer to my rate. It is true. A lot of freelancers do what they do out of a passion. However, that doesn’t make it a hobby. We try, struggle and battle to leverage our creativity and...

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Caption this: Put a filter on your words.

This blog was posted on Medium and has been published by The Startup. This is not a blog about self-censorship. Anyone who knows me knows I struggle with formalities in communication and that I speak (and write) with a pleasant 10% swearword density. What is it I want...

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Cappuccino or coworking: Why pay to work?

This blog was originally posted in Dutch on Meetings In The Sun. It seems like the biggest contradiction in our new way of working: leave your 9 to 5, ditch your cubicle, and even get out of your country, just to pay to sit down in a coworking office abroad. Sure, a...

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 “The freelance writer is a man who is paid per piece or per word or perhaps.”

Robert Benchley