Hey you.
Lost for words?

Don’t worry. I’ve got some. 

I slap words together for a living.

Hey, hola, hoi: I’m Vicky. I have an itch for giving brands voices that are more human than what you might be used to. Even online. Even for B2B.

Let me scratch it and bring your business to life. 

Boring businesses don’t exist. Sadly, boring copy does.

There’s a shedload of content out there. Either dare to stand out, or prepare to get out.

It’s hard to remember everything we read, but not to remember things we feel. Compassion, understanding, quirkiness, fun or enthusiasm. Boredom is a strong feeling too, but not one I recommend summoning in your readers.

Passing on information works better when there’s a story connected. When you like whoever is telling it to you. Flashback to your high school teachers. Get it?

And now you’re here: looking for ways to spread your brand’s message and getting it to stick.

I look at every piece of copy as a conversation between you and your customers. And I want them to like you, so you can start building long-lasting relationships with them. FYI, we’re still talking business here. 

Hola Vicky!

At 21, I moved to Barcelona for ten weeks. Fast-forward to 24 and I am still here. Trust me, usually I’m better with deadlines.

I have a cliché passion for writing and reading and am eternally grateful that I could turn this into a job that allows me to travel, experience life and the never-ending anxiety that comes with freelancing.

Want to know even more about me? You could ask my parents, stalk my Instagram, or simply read my bio like a normal person would. Can’t find the answers there? Get in touch! 

15 + 13 =

 “Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer

Shirley Polykoff