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Een verzameling van m’n beste werk, al zeg ik het zelf.

Caption this: Put a filter on your words.

This is not a blog about self-censorship. Anyone who knows me knows I struggle with formalities in communication and that I speak (and write) with a pleasant 10% swearword density. What is it I want to filter then?

Can’t afford a copywriter? Follow these Copywriting Commandments. Please.

Look, I get it. In this heat, in this economy, paying someone to specifically ‘’only’’ produce your copy seems RIDICULOUS. You sell kitchens, so how important can the text in your newsletter be? I MEAN LOOK AT THESE CABINETS!

7 employee engagement strategies that work In 2021

You might have seen job titles such as Chief Happiness Officer, or the more straightforward title of Employee Engagement Officer popping up on LinkedIn. There’s also lots of companies showing off team-building activities — even if it’s just through a screen. If you’re wondering what that’s all about: it’s employee engagement.

Why Rapid Prototyping Is Key For a Successful Product Launch

Bad ideas that are perfectly executed are still bad ideas. That goes for opening up a taco truck with someone you met at a party, and for launching products based on the hunch that they’ll be a great hit.

3 Reasons Why UX Is Essential For Your WordPress Site

If the average person is 279.64 times more likely to climb Mt. Everest than click on a banner ad, why do we still see annoying pop-ups and ads that are a blight to websites? Call to actions and remarkable design should never weigh out the user experience. Here’s why.

Brand development: a comprehensive guide for 2021

Traditional marketing pushed products. Nowadays, we buy brands. Brands are experiences, and products merely souvenirs. Especially since products and services are looking more and more alike. Brand identity and brand positioning are becoming increasingly important – at least to the consumer.


Both vacuum packaging and Modified Atmosphere packaging can extend shelf life for your product and preserve its freshness. Although both techniques reduce the oxygen concentration inside the packaging, they both have their pros and cons, depending on the product.

Why customer feedback is a big deal for small businesses and freelancers

A man walks into his favorite coffee shop. Something’s changed: the barista serves him his regular order, but with new beans.
She sits down for a second to ask what he thinks: he isn’t thrilled, something about the bitterness. Next time, she’ll serve him a less bitter one, she tells him. And she knows he’ll be back.

Turn Visitors Into Regulars: How to Get Your E-commerce Customers to Come Back

What’s the deal with those places you keep going back to? Quick guess: they either always have exactly what you need or are looking for—or they never fail to surprise and entertain you. If you want your website visitors to feel the same about your e-commerce business, here are a few things you can do.

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